Gossip Girl Säsong Premiär: Allt att skvaller om

Eonline har gjort en artikel om lite vad varje karaktär håller på med i första avsnittet!
Det är inte långt kvar nu!! :D

If we had to describe the season five premiere of Gossip Girl in one word, that word would be: fun.


Seriously, Gossip Girl's season opener, airing on Monday, Sept. 26, is just a whole lot of fun. That's not to say there isn't any delicious drama accompanying all the fun. Come on now, this is GG. You should know better.


So how is Chuck (Ed Westwick) dealing with Blair's (Leighton Meester) engagement? What's going on between Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair? And who the heck is pregnant?!


To make this easier, let's tease the premiere character-by-character, shall we?


Blair: Our favorite Audrey Hepburn worshipper returns from Monaco with Prince Louis (Hugo Becker) full of love…and complaints. You see, Louis' mother is making all of the wedding decisions, including (gasp!) the dress that Blair will wear. Blair may or may not begin to rethink her engagement when Louis refuses to stand up to his mother. Her (possible) cold feet lead us to…

Dan: Slow ya roll, Chair fans. It's not like that. Dan—who took up softball during the summer (in a league for writers and artists!) and looks adorable in his team's shirt—is Blair's only friend currently in the city and she desperately needs someone to talk to. As a friend.


Lonely Boy is more than happy to offer his assistance considering he's still harboring major feelings for Blair and all. Our evidence? Vanity Fair is attempting to publish a chapter from Dan's novel Inside, which is all about Blair and he desperately tries to stop it from being printed and turns to an unexpected source for some help. Does he succeed? We're not saying, but we will say Dan and Blair have a heartfelt and serious (their banter is MIA) scene in the loft that will make Dair lovers very, very happy for a moment or two.



Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick


Chuck: Prepare for Chuck like you've never seen him before: Truly happy! OK, we've seen him happy before, but this is a different kind of happy: it's dangerous. It seems Chuck took Jim Carrey's Yes Man a little too much to heart because that's his new favorite word: Yes. As in he's down to try anything at least once, even if it puts his life in danger. At least he does it all with style and one-liners. (Here's our favorite: "People like me don't write books. They're written about.")

While Chuck and Blair don't come face-to-face in the episode (He is in L.A. being a daredevil and all), he definitely still feels her presence when an envelope containing a certain invite arrives.

Nate: Attention! Nate Archibald finally has a storyline! Whee! We had a blast watching Nate run around L.A., pretending to be a movie star and hooking up with Elizabeth Hurley (who is awesome and gorgeous and scheming and we love it!) and it's all thanks to Chace's underrated comedy skills. We're glad the show is finally highlighting the goofy side of Nate.


That being said, Nate has an epiphany of sorts in the episode: He's kind of lost. (Better late than never, Natey!) Where that takes him should be really interesting to watch this season.


Serena: S is a working girl, y'all! She's got a job as a production assistant on a film with David O. Russell and is in some fierce job competition with—drum roll, please—10 Things I Hate About You's Ethan Peck! Yes, Ethan is in the premiere and he's kind of a jerk. Sad panda.


One of the episode's highlights includes all the Chuck, Nate and Serena interaction, which had kind of a season-one vibe. The Non-Judging Breakfast Club (minus Blair at the moment) lives on! We totally wanted in on their group hug.


Not enough Gossip goodies for you? Here's a few other tidbits we can tease:


  • It's revealed what Jenny (Taylor Momsen) is up to pretty early in the episode. (She's not in Hudson anymore.)
  • What are the parentals up to? Rufus (Matthew Settle) is definitely becoming suspicious of Dan's feelings for Blair, while Lily (Kelly Rutherford) is still redecorating (off-screen).
  • Remember the term "Three words, eight letters" from season two? Of course you do. It's brought back in the premiere and has nothing to do with Chuck and Blair.
  • And finally, yes, someone is in fact pregnant. Yes, it's shocking. Yes, the reveal comes near the end of the episode. Yes, we will be in deep trouble if we say anything else on the subject.

Like what you're hearing? What are you most excited to see in Gossip Girl's season premiere? Come hang with us in the comments and tell us all about it. We promise we don't bite!



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