Joshua Safran svarar på frågor

Safran har svarat på frågor om Gossip girls nya säsong :)

Gossip Girl Executive Producer Joshua Safran eagerly answered fan questions yesterday at The CW network about the season premiere Monday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c:

What is the deal with Dan and Blair?

We’ve always been nervous about their relationships perception. We’ve always known there is a specific course, yet it may take on some new meaning this season.

Can you tease the 100th episode at all?

It is going to be a blast. All I can say is that we’ve been watching the pilot a lot.

Will the majority of the season be bi-coastal?

Not for long. The crew will fully return to New York soon.

What is Elizabeth Hurley’s agenda?

Can’t reveal what it is specifically, but I can say she is very honest about it. She will play games but be very upfront, and it will carry back to New York!

What’s up with Rufus and Lily this season?

We don’t want to mess with that couple very much. They have worked very hard to stay together and we want them to be grounded. They will float in and out of other story lines.

What’s in store for the infamous Chuck Bass?

Chuck’s theme this season is growing up. His journey opens the door to a new way of life that we haven’t seen before.

Will we see a lot of Nate this season?

Nate has a huge great story! Like Chuck, it relates to finding out who he really is and taking control of his life.


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