Senaste spoiler från Kristin

Här är det senaste spoiler frågorna som Kristin har svarat på om Gossip girl!

Desiree: I’d give ANYTHING for something on Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl. Please, give me some good news on them!
I just heard about something in episode four that literally made me gasp, then squeal, then blurt out, “Are you freaking serious?!” Turns out, the scandalous scene I’m talking about is not exactly what it seems, but I highly recommend you Chuck-Blair fans and Dan-Blair fans wear an adult diaper just in case. Consider yourself warned.

Jazy736: Hit me with some Serena news please! #GossipGirl
She’ll be working for a production company that wants to get the rights to a certain book written by a certain someone she knows very well. Hint: It’s not Snooki.

mockingbird2424: Do you have any #gossipgirl Chuck and Blair news?
Chuck is gonna have a hard time feeling anything this year.


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