Läs, lite rolig fakta om GG(särskilt Blair). :)

Is Gossip Girl Too Scandalous? Series Creator Defends Blair, Chuck and Co.’s Upper East Side World

April 12 at 05:39PM EDT by Ashley Graham


Ever wondered how your fave Gossip Girl characters wound up their amazing, snarky, stylish selves?

The woman at the heart of the show’s source material, author Cecily von Ziegesar, recently dished to Media Bistro about the books that made the show.

Speaking on how she gets the inspiration for her characters, Ziegasar reveals, “I take a lot of material from my own life. So, I just think about people that I know. In order to kind of get them away from that specific person, then I might change their sex, make them a girl if the real person’s a guy… I had a friend who was obsessed with Audrey Hepburn and, so, Blair is obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. But I just borrowed that characteristic from a friend. The rest of Blair’s characteristics have nothing to do with that friend.”

As to the controversial subject matter that the GG series covers on the regular, Ziegasar defends it by saying, “I’m writing books that are appealing and entertaining. I never once said that I was writing books with guidelines for how to live. I mean, they’re fiction, and I think that’s the role of fiction: to entertain.”

Following the release of Gossip Girl Psycho Killer last fall, Ziegasar says she has no plans to expand the world of the UES any more — but then this glimmer of hope: “Maybe in two years, my editor will call me and say, ‘Oh, let’s do another one.’ I mean, every time I think it’s over, it’s not over yet.”


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