Veckans tema: Save Chuck and Blair

Denna vecka kommer att ha ett tema: Save Chuck and Blair. Så var beredd på att bli spammad med Chair-bilder! :D
iloveyoudearly-:  CHUCK AND BLAIR, 100 EPISODES…  “Chuck and Blair have been there since the first episode. You see them come together in the very end of the pilot, the second-to-last scene before the coda, and you feel the electricity of these two minds meeting and about to embark on a scheme together. We got them together in episode seven and we’ve really been telling that story since then.” - Stephanie Savage   “Chuck and Blair will never be over” - Joshua Safran  krism23:  Join us on Twitter and show your support for Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl’s 100th episode starting at 7:45PM EST! (12:45AM GMT) Let’s TREND Save Chuck and Blair, [NO HASH TAGS, WITH THE SPACES, NOTE THE CAPS]  include them in your tweets e.g. “@GGWriters Please save Chuck and  Blair! Save the heart of Gossip Girl!” Follow @savechuckblair and  live-tweet the new episode with us!  I thought our story was epic, you know.


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