Ed Westwick intervjuv "The hot seat"

En intervjuv med Ed för Time Out New York! :)

Spotted: Chuck Bass lying on the cold, hard pavement with a bullet wound and a broken heart. That’s how we left Ed Westwick’s lovably villainous character during the season three finale of Gossip Girl (right after he’d snatched Little J’s V-card, proposed unsuccessfully to Blair Waldorf and fled to Prague). Though Westwick admits that he can slide effortlessly into the sleazy, dandyish role, he remains cheery and humble. We called the 23-year-old British transplant after he’d finished filming episodes of season four in Paris. He dished about Chuck’s recovery, sporting chest hair and his complicated relationship with costar Jessica Szohr (watch out, ladies, we hear he’s on the market).


Chuck Bass is one sexy mofo, but he’d be ten times hotter with your British accent.
I’m happy with the gravelly Chuck Bass voice. He’s a little bit Batman and a little bit Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.


We hear Chuck emerges in season four as a changed man.
He gets rescued in Prague and whisked off to Paris by Eva [Clémence Poésy]. He realizes lies and cheating culminated in disaster and suffering, and it’s not something he wants to be involved with. Eva represents purity, and he falls head over heels in love with her—or the idea of her. Of course, who shows up but Blair Waldorf. Leighton [Meester] and I were talking on set the other day, wondering how our characters might get back together. Everyone expects them to, but in the fourth season’s story line they’re far from it.


We’re really supposed to believe Chuck’s a reformed sinner?
Well, I always say a leopard can’t change his spots.


Do you practice his deep, brooding stares in the mirror?
I practice every day, yeah. [Laughs] There are moments I have to check myself because after doing the same character for three years, you find yourself very easily slipping into it.


So if we met you on the street, you’d greet us as Chuck Bass?
It might happen. Just shout “Chuck!” at me, and I might spin around and give you the look.


How does it feel to be a teen heartthrob?
It’s bizarre. The last thing we want is someone running out in the road holding a video camera, then smack, a taxi hits them. Two seasons ago, there was a girl in front of me walking backward, and she went flying into a fence and smashed her head on a tree. I picked her up and said, “Sweetheart, are you okay?”


That’s very un-Chuck.
Indeed. I’m a big, cuddly bear. [Laughs]


You’re also a musician. Any interest in forming a Gossip Girl band?
We’ll be a supergroup like Cream. Blake [Lively] would definitely be on the bongos. Chace [Crawford] would make wailing noises in the background. Penn [Badgley]’s actually a very skilled musician, so he can play piano. And, uh, I don’t know what Jessica will play. Taylor [Momsen] can sing along with Leighton and me. And Kelly [Rutherford] can be our backup dancer. There you go!


And what would you call the band and album?
The band would have to be called Upper East Siderz, with a zed. And the album would be Drama, Volume 1, Season 1.


I’d ask you who the prettiest castmate is, but I think I already know the answer.…
The prettiest castmate is obviously Chace Crawford. He’s a very good-looking guy. As for my relationship, I’ve got a lot of love for Jessica, [but] I’m 23 years old; I’m enjoying my life. I’m not tied down in any way to anything, and that’s the bottom line.


Chuck is a fashion icon, but your style is more grunge-chic.
I do like ascots, it’s a classic English rock & roll look. But I can’t do that now because I’ll be the guy wearing the same stuff as a TV character, and I don’t want to be that guy.


You wear a lot of deep V-neck shirts. Is showing a little bit of chest fuzz a do or a don’t?
Why not? It grows there naturally. I’m a man, and I’m letting it out.


What can we expect from you next?
If you’re English, you say [playing] James Bond. So maybe Daniel Craig needs to move over.

Read more: http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/hot-seat/88673/ed-westwick-interview#ixzz112aJukn7

Hahaha jag vill att dom ska starta ett gossip girl band :P

Leightons beauty profile

Intervjuv med Leighton från Cosmopolitan UK :)

Dressed in a luscious leather mini with leg-lengthening shoeboots, Leighton Meester nailed the London look when she jetted to our capital in her role as global ambassador for Herbal Essences. It was only a matter of time before the picture-perfect Gossip Girl was snapped up by a big brand and we couldn’t wait to know her beauty ethos, inspiration and top tips…

Which celebrity’s beauty style would you most like to steal?

I really admire Drew Barrymore – she can go from different colours and cuts for her hair and just looks completely different all the time.

What’s the first hairstyle you ever wanted to copy?

It’s funny that you should ask because my hair today is like my mum’s when I was growing up. She had brown permed hair – I always thought it was very glamorous. But I always wanted red hair and I’ve tried different shades of red. It’s tough to maintain but it’s a very fun colour.

If you weren’t a brunette what colour would you be?

I think it has a lot to do with your personality. When I’m a blonde I feel like a blonde, when I have red hair I feel more fiery. I think brunette matches my personality the most, I’m pretty laid back, like low maintenance and it’s probably the lowest maintenance colour for me.

Is brunette your natural colour?

My hair is a dark blonde – when I go in the sun it brightens up a lot.


Which celebrity would you most like to give a makeover?

I think there’s appeal in a natural look like Kate Winslet’s. She’s beautiful, wears natural makeup, and even when she’s glammed up she still looks herself. I don’t really want to name names as that’s not really nice, but I do notice sometimes people overdo it and a lot of the time it’s a beautiful women and I’d like to see a fresher version of her.

Out of all the actresses you’ve worked with whose beauty look do you love the most?

Gwyneth Paltrow – she’s got incredible style and impeccable taste. She’s a natural, beautiful, very young-skinned, young looking woman.

In your forthcoming film Country Song with Gwyneth Paltrow you play a beauty queen turned singer. What’s your view on beauty contests?

[It's] a lifestyle that I don’t get at all – it’s nothing like what I do! I would never just stand there and look pretty, but that’s part of a culture that my character came from and its part of her personality – it doesn’t make her not smart or not deep and then she actually ends with a lot of depth.

Do you feel under pressure to look your best and stay a certain weight?

I’ve become more aware, especially in the last few years of this extreme judgement of women and their weight and how they look from the outside all the time. And I think people don’t focus on what they should be which is beautiful on the inside and I think that shows through. Judging someone based on their weight is not good. Personally I’m a healthy person and the weight that I am fluctuates like anyone else. I’m a real person. I don’t really feel pressure but I can understand where it comes from.

Would you ever consider surgery to enhance your youth?

I haven’t gotten there yet. I’ll let you know in 15 years or so!

What do you see as your best feature and what you do to accentuate it?

I wear heels a lot. Not only does it make you look more confident and walk with bit of a strut (plus I’m obsessed with shoes), it makes your legs look long and forces you to feel confident even if your legs aren’t your best feature – wear heels and they become your best feature! It’s about playing up not just your best asset but loving what isn’t perfect.

What’s your biggest beauty crime?

I used to get my eyebrows waxed a little too thin – not even really intentionally you just get a little bit obsessed!

What’s an easy up ‘do that you can do on yourself?

I do French braids all the time in my hair – when I exercise a lot but somehow afterwards it falls in all the right places and looks like you intentionally did it! I’m not really sure how to do it on other people, but I can figure it out on myself!

Do you still do your own hair and makeup on a daily basis?

I’m out of practice because I always have professionals doing it so whenever I do it myself I’m like ‘this doesn’t look right!’ so I very rarely do my own hair – but a lot of the time I’ll let it be from the day before and it looks good. As for makeup I’m pretty minimal – I use a bright lipstick so it looks like you put the effort in, curl my eyelashes and a little bit of blush.

Do you ever fake your tan?

What tan?! I don’t, I tried it a couple of times but it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve just started embracing how my skin is naturally – if my skin soaks up a little sun great, if it doesn’t then I like the way I look fair as well.

Do you have any tattoos or body piercings?

I have a tattoo on my wrist of a flower and my ears pierced. I’ve had my belly button and other weird ear piercings but I really like not having piercings now.

Källa:Cosmopolitan UK

Avsnitt 10 heter...

Avsnitt 10 av säsong 4 kommer heta Gaslit! :)

Ed om "The Commuter"

Ed pratar om kortfilmen The Commuter som han spelade i helgen :)

Senaste från Ausiello

Senaste från Ausiello, spoiler!

Question: Gossip Girl has been amazing this season! It feels like the show has hit its stride! What’s coming up for these amazing Upper East Siders? —lec

Ausiello: Something wicked their way comes, I’m afraid. Juliet’s butting in is going to lead to a major couple breaking up. Guesses below…

Två promos till Gossip girl

Två promos för gossip girl! Det är inte för något speciellt avsnittet utan mer allmänt :)

Fler låtar till spotifylista

Har lagt till 4 låtar av dom som var med i avsnitt 4.03 till spotifylistan :) kan inte lägga till fler eftersom dom inte finns med i spotifys arkiv :)


Här är listan på alla låtar som spelades i avsnittet:

Gone Away -
Horror Story -
Miss Eighty 6
Keep Quiet -
Hot Chip
Oh Cherie - New Young Pony Club
On The Run - The Lost Patrol
One Life Stand -
Hot Chip
One Night Only -
Miss Mercury
Tighten Up - The Black Keys
Turn it Up
Alana D

Sneak peak för Touch of Eva

Sneak peak för nästa veckas avsnitt :)

Bild på Leighton för kampanj BVLGARI

Vackra Leighton för en kampanj som heter BVLGARI!

Såhär strår det på Holas hemsida om kampanjen:

One ring to rule them all … and another to bring the film’s most beautiful faces. BVLGARI The new proposal moves away from the alliance traditional, nor is the protagonist of a fantasy book series, the latest project of the luxury Italian jewelry house, designed in silver inlay and a tiny ceramic interior, is made from hand to hand with the humanitarian organization Save the Children, and aims to raise, from October, more than 6 million euros ‘committed’ to improve the quality of education for the world’s neediest children.

And to underscore the importance of the cause, no less than some of the best known faces of the film, which have been subject to the orders of renowned photographer Fabrizio Ferri to donate their image as solidarity campaign, celebrities like the Gossip Girl Leighton Meester, the eternal Italian beauty Isabella Rossellini, the only Spanish or project, the actress Maribel Verdu, who have not hesitated to ‘give away’ his face BVLGARI, all in black, wearing the new ring on their hands against a background of intense color red, and each reflecting their unique personality, captured by the camera.

BVLGARI help draft well, and during 2010 and throughout 2011, key programs for training teachers in the world, as well as important program Healing and Education Through Art (HEART), which focuses on education and therapy for children through art, and helps those who can not find the words to explain what has happened to express themselves creatively.

Om ni tittar noggrant ser ni nog att Leighon bär ringen på sitt pekfinger.

Extended promo

Längre promo för nästa veckas avsnitt! :)

Senaste från fancast

Senaste frågan hemsidan fancast svart på om gossip girl :) Kan var lite spoiler :)

When can ‘Gossip Girl’ fans expect to learn the identity of Juliet’s secret accomplice, the person on the phone? I want to know if my theory is right. – Joan

Your wait is almost over. EP Stephanie Savage tells me that reveal will come “pretty quickly.” When I then asked if it’s someone we know…. well, she declined to play that game.

Källa: SpoilerTv och Fancast

Promos för "Touch of Eva"

Två promos för nästa veckas avsnitt "Touch of Eva"! Som sagt innehåller i allafall nr2 spoilers. En sak om Eva som ni inte kanske vill veta om innan nästa avsnitt :)

Spoiler i promo under!

Intervjuv med Ed om The Commuter

Det blir väldigt mång inlägg om "The Commuter" just nu men men här är i alla fall en kort intervjuv med Ed om den och så får man se lite behind the scens från den. :)

Såå snygg en människa kan vara! :P

Bilder på Ed från inspelningarna av The Commuter

Fler bilder på Ed av inspelningarna av The Commuter.Bilderna är från idag i London :)

GG inspelningarna 24 september

Ed var på inspelningarna av Gossip Girl i fredags :)

Bilder på Ed från inspelningar av The Commuter

Bilder på Ed idag från hans inspelningar av filmen "The commuter" för nokia. :)


Gossip girl update!

Gossip girl uppdaterar:

B Back to NY

September 23rd, 2010

I’ve received official word that our very own Blair Waldorf has safely touched down in New York City.  Phew.  The city’s missed you, B!  You can be sure her best friend, Serena, and her best maid, Dorota, were waiting at the helipad for her.  Dorota even made a big welcome back sign.  Aww.  Blair’s first stop?  Masa.  Guess Paris’ sushi has nothing on Manhattan’s.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing Blair out and about around town the next few days.  She’s got a lot of catching up to do.  She also needs to get ready for her first day at Columbia.  How exciting!  Though it’s good to know that Blair won’t be doing it alone.  With Serena by her side, I have a feeling this is going to be a good year for B.



September 24th, 2010

Spotted: B and S shopping at Barney’s.  First day of school ensembles?  Though I’m sure they also bought outfits for the 2nd day of school, 3rd day of school, 4th day of school, etc.  N running in Central Park.  Guess that’s how he’s getting ready for school to begin.  E getting off the train at Grand Central.  Probably was at Yale visiting BF Elliot.  Still no D sightings.  Hmm.  And I’m not sure if this is a C sighting but I did receive a tip that a black limo was spotted making its way through the loading entrance at the Empire.  Was C in it?  Let’s hope so!

Ed i "The commuter" av Nokia

Bilder på Ed från vad jag tror är en press realse av en kortfilm av nokia som Ed är med i :)
Bilderna är från idag, 26 september :)


Kommentar :)

En kommentar jag tänkte svara på :) blir så himla glad när jag får kommentarer av er tack så mycket! :D

jag älskar din blogg:D:D:D har precis hittat den! snart kommer tredje avsnittet! chuck and blair <3
har du något gossip om hur det går för ed och jessica att vistas tillsammans nu när de gjort slut? är det steeeeeelt?

Svar:Tack! Kul att du gillar den! ^^
Tyvärr har jag inget gossip om Ed och Jessica men om jag hittar något så kommer jag självklart skriva om det. Dom har ju inte setts tillsammans på inspelningarna så lite stelt är det nog i allafall.
Skulle inte ni tycka det om ni skulle behöva spendera nästan varje dag med erat ex?

(Leighton på inspelningar 20 september med Jessica, Leighton med Ed på inspelningarna 21 september)

Video från inspelningarna 23 september

Ett klipp från inspelningarna av Gossip Girl 23 september :)

Fler bilder från set visit!

Fler bilder från det exclusiva besöket på gossip girl inspelningarna på Ed och Leighton! :)


Två bilder från regissören av "The undergraduates"

Två twitter bilder från regissören  av "The Undergraduates" alltså avsnitt 3 av säsong 4 på Gossip girl! :)

Ed och Leighton/Gossip girl setvisit

Bilder på Ed och Leighton från ett exclusivt besök på Gossip Girl inspelningarna! :)

Ed intervjuv i Metro UK

En intervjuv med Ed i engelska metro :)

Actor Ed Westwick is talking about going home to Hertfordshire. ‘I still love it,’ he says happily. ‘I go back to my parents’ house. They cook. I lie on the sofa and watch it all come at me. I was over in June for my birthday. It was a quiet one in the garden, with a barbecue, watching England get kicked out of the World Cup. It was fantastic.’

A typical 23-year-old enjoying the comforts of home – except Westwick is one of the stars of hit US teen drama Gossip Girls, in which he plays bad boy Chuck Bass, on-off lover of lead character Blair Waldorf.

Teenage hearts around the world creaked at the seams when Chuck lets Blair go, lying with the words: ‘It’s just a game,’ before admitting to a friend: ‘I love her and I can’t make her happy.’

‘He’s definitely brooding,’ agrees Westwick. ‘In fact, his nickname is the brooding billionaire. He’s a very wealthy, at times very dangerous, kid trying to find his way in the world.’

At the end of the last season, Bass is left bleeding in an alleyway as his attackers run off with the ring he was going to use to propose to Blair. The odds that Chuck survives are pretty high…

He trained at the National Youth Theatre and appeared in British television series Doctors, Casualty and Afterlife before moving to LA three years ago. Getting involved in Gossip Girls was a no-brainer.

‘I was all for jumping into it. There wasn’t much work in the UK. I was only in LA for a month and I got this show. It’s changed my life.’ He sounds grateful.

Another day, another tall, dark, handsome Brit in Hollywood? Westwick nods at the reference to English actor Robert Pattinson, who plays dashing vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight films. Both are narrow-eyed, deep-voiced, chisel-jawed and beguilingly pouty – not that we’ve thought about it much.

‘Yup, there seems to be something going on right now,’ he laughs. ‘I can’t figure it out but we’re definitely representing.’

Westwick’s female co-stars, the glossy, gorgeous Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, now appear regularly in the pages of leading fashion magazines, both as themselves and as their characters. With his penchant for flamboyant knitwear, three-piece suits and cravats, Westwick’s character is hot on their heels.

Was Westwick always a fashion buff? ‘I was interested,’ he says. ‘But it was more juvenile. I was into that whole indie rock’n’roll look. But I was 19 then. I’m 23 now.

‘My fashion-consciousness – and self-consciousness – have definitely grown over the course of being on the show,’ he continues. ‘All the exposure and the experience I’ve had of different sides of the industry means I have a better knack of how to put things together. We’ve all been to fashion shows, we’ve worked with designers in different capacities, on fashion shoots. You learn about different looks and colours. I’ve definitely stepped up my game.’

He has – though he admits he’s still most comfortable in T-shirts
(J Lindeberg) and jeans (‘Levi’s 501s,’ he says, enthusiastically. ‘I’ve got three pairs: black, blue and stonewash.’) Leather jackets are also a favourite – he recently got one from Dolce & Gabanna – and he just picked up a new winter coat by Paul Smith. He’s still fairly rock’n’roll, although his character is becoming an inspiration; hence his new love of hip label J Lindeberg.

‘Chuck’s a very stylish dude and I’ve picked up a little of his style. Although there are always days when the paparazzi get you and it’s five in the morning…’

He’s just completed a photoshoot to promote a new venture with Nokia, in which two fans will star alongside him in a short film being shot using
a mobile phone. He sounds excited, running down the list of what he wore like a real fashionista.

‘We did four different looks,’ he says. ‘My favourite one was by Band of Outsiders. It was a grey flannelly wool-type trouser, brown shoes – no socks, of course – white shirt, grey waistcoat. It was chic but smart-casual, great for late summer, early autumn. I’m going to have to go out and grab that one.

‘Then, they wanted an English look so I wore this plaid jacket with dark shirt and pants. I looked like I was going shooting with Prince Charles.’

Another outfit had Westwick again looking quintessentially English in Polo Ralph Lauren.

He has a surprising range of fashion icons: David Beckham, Tom Ford and, once upon a time, Pete Doherty.

‘He looked really good to me when I was 19 but it’s pretty worn out now.’ Unlike Ed Westwick. Admirers: hold on to your heartstrings. This boy is only just beginning.

Ed Westwick is joining Dev Patel and Pamela Anderson as part of the cast for ‘The Commuter’, a short film written and directed by upcoming British talent the McHenry Brothers. The groundbreaking film is being shot on the new Nokia N8 to showcase its HD 720p camera qualities and Ed will be filming in London this Sunday.


Scans från GQ

Scans från GQ med Ed han är så himla snygg i den här fotograferingen!! :D

Stills till avsnitt 4.05! "Goodbye Colombia"

Har kommit ut bilder till avsnitt 5 "Goodbye Colombia"! :) Dock inga bilder på Chuck än så länge :( :P
Kan var en aning spoiler i en av bilderna,inget Blair eller Chuck dock :)

GG inspelningarna idag!

Bilder på Leighton och Ed när dom spelade in scener idag till Gossip Girl! :)
Även Chace och Blake syndes till vid inspelningsplatsen.

Dagens bild!

Brukar ju göra dagens citat men jag kände att jag verkligen behövde skriva om den här bilden tycker den är så rolig! :P

En flygande Chuck Bass/ Ed Westwick! :P

Spoilerfråga till Ausiello

Fråga till Ausiello om Dan och Blair, lite spoiler finns i svaret.

Question: I keep hearing whispers that Gossip Girl might dare to “Dair.” Is this true or am I hearing things? —Kristin

Ausiello: While I can’t confirm that Dan and Blair will be hook up, I can confirm that they will team up to take down Katie Cassidy’s meddling minx.

Spotify lista uppdaterad :)

Spotify listan är nu uppdaterade dock så finns ju inte alla låter med på spotify men här är listan på alla låtar som var med i avsnittet! Här är spotfylistan

Beat The Devil's Tattoo Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Done Believing
The Broken Remotes
Gone Champ Tokyo Police Club
I'm In Here We Are Born Sia
Je Ne Te Connais Pas Prototypes Prototypes
Je T'aime…Moi Non Plus Monsieur Gainsbourg Originals Serge Gainsbourg
Last Flight of the Bat Goodbyemotel Goodbyemotel
The Ghost In The Machine B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray B.o.B.
Trapped In The Canyon
The Broken Remotes
9669 A Balloon Called Moaning The Joy Formidable

Producers Preview för 4.03

En Preview av nästa avsnitt då producenterna pratar om vad som händer i avsnittet. Det är också några klipp från avsnittet så kolla inte om ni inte vill veta något i förväg :)

Sneak peak till nästa avsnitt

En sneak peak för nästa avsnitt har kommit ut och Penelope verkar vara tillbaka för ett avsnitt! :)

Längre promo till avsnitt 4.03

Hittade nu den längre promon på youtube för nästa avsnitt  :)


Leighton och Ed på inspelningarna idag!

Både Ed och Leighton var på inspelningarna idag och spelade in tillsammans! :)

Stills för avsnit 4.04!

Bilder till avsnitt 4.04! :) Har även kommit ut en längre promo för nästa avsnitt i USA dock så kan jag inte få till den på bloggen men ni kan kolla på den här annars  :)


Fler bilder från gårdagens inspelningar!

Hittade flera bilder från gårdagens inspelningar av gossip girl! :)

Latest from Kristin

Senaste från Kristin om spoiler för gossip girl! :)

Parker: Stop skimping on the Chuck and Blair Gossip Girl info!
Except for the fact that they're seeing other people and they're trying to pretend they're over each other, the Chuck and Blair scene that ends tonight's episode is perfect. Don't worry about that French girl too much, OK, Chair fans? There's no way she could ever compete with Chuck's love for Blair. Waldorf and Bass are epic, eternal and sure to reunite again one of these days.

Kandas promo för nästa vecka

Kanadas promo för nästa vecka :)

Promo för avsnitt 4.03

Promo för nästa vecka :)

JÄTTE STORA spoiler för säsong 4 avsnitt 4-5

LÄS VERKLIGEN inte om ni inte vill veta någonting! Jätte stora spoilers för säsong 4!!
Text under bilden!


- Episode 4 is mostly centered around the Dan and Serena relationship, and Blair trying to take Eva down.
- Serena and Nate have unfinished business, but there’s almost no focus on them, she tells him she’s there for him, but so far she’s clearly leaning to Dan.
- Milo isn’t Dan’s. He’s sad because he got attached to the baby.
- Dan confesses to Rufus that he’s still in love with Serena and that he was about to fly to Paris and do whatever it takes to get her back, but Georgina showed up.
- Eva is innocent, but leaves by the end of episode 4. Blair set her up. Chuck declares war to Blair.
- Dan and Vanessa break up for good in episode 4.05
- Someone may have an STD.
- Blair still loves Chuck, but can’t forgive him for sleeping with Jenny.
- Serena may face expulsion from Columbia.
- Chuck wants to take everything away from Blair.
- Chuck gets Jenny a job interview at Parsons, and he tells them that Jenny would cause a better impression if she was interviewed in person. Jenny is returning in the next episode.
- Juliet’s “brother” Ben wants to take Serena down and leave her with nothing. But Juliet is falling for Nate.
- Blair hasn’t told anyone about Chuck and Jenny sleeping together.



Inspelningaran 20 september

Två bild på Leighton från gårdagens inspelningar just nu spelar dom in avsnitt 8!:)

Avsnitt 4.02" Double Identity"

Här kan ni se det nyaste avsnittet som gick igår i USA :)


Själv så ÄLSKADE jag avsnittet! :D

Kommentar :)

En kommentar som jag svara på :)

Hur länge ska den där eva vara med? även fast jag inte har sett dom nya avsnitten så kan jag säga redan nu att jag verkligen inte tycker om henne :D

Hon kommer vara med dom 4 första avsnitten så det är inte så länge :)

Dagens citat!

Dagens citat får bli från förra veckans avsnitt! ÅÅ vill att det ska bli imorgon så man kan se nästa avsnitt av gossip girl på internet! :D

Chuck: Where am I?
Eva: You're safe. Who are you? What's your name?
Chuck: Henry. Henry Prince.

4.04 Press relase

Handlingen kortfattat för avsnitt 4x04 vet inte om jag sagt vad det kommer heta men avsnittet har fått namnet "Touch of Eva" i allafall :)

Nate decides to confront Juliet when he thinks she is keeping a secret from him; Blair tries to undermine Chuck's newfound happiness; Dan is torn between his feelings for Serena and Vanessa.

Dagens citat!

Ville ha ett dagens citat från första avsnittet av säsong 4 så om ni inte har sett det så kan det bli spoiler :)

Blair: Please don’t go. I don’t care about dating a prince. I don’t care about dating anyone. I just care about you. I really need my friend right now. I’ve been acting like i’m okay, but i’m not. They say it’s a broken heart, but… I hurt in my whole body. I mean, what if I stay like this forever? What if I never get over Chuck?

Bättre kvalitet ,The roommate trailer

Hittade The roommate trailer i youtube format tror det är bättre kvalitet på den det tycker i allafall jag :)

Robyn om gossip girl

Kort intervjuv med Robyn där hon säger vad hon kommer göra i gossip girl :)

Den amerikanska tv-serien "Gossip girl" är Robyns nästa anhalt.

Den svenska popstjärnan ska spela rollen som sig själv - och uppträda på ett födelsedagskalas i ett kommande avsnitt. På onsdagen berättade hon om planerna för MTV:

– Jag gjorde "Gossip girl" i går, men om jag ska vara ärlig vet jag inte så mycket om serien eftersom jag är svensk. Jag gjorde en scen där jag uppträdde, men jag skulle inte säga att jag skådespelar, snarare reagerar. Jag reagerar på saker runt omkring mig. Jag har inga repliker.

Bilden från robyns twitter:

Källa: DN

scan från Tv guide magazine

En scan från tv gudie magazine om serierna som återkommer i höst och då har dom skrivit lite om Gossip girl! :)

"Blair and Chuck are not going to give up on each other"

Låter det som bra nyheter??

Screencapture från The Roommate

Lägger upp en bild på Leighton från The Roommate trailern då det är brist på nyheter just nu :P. Tycker hon verkar skit bra i den filmen, ser fram imot att se den :)

Double Identity

Handlingen om nästa avsnitt för gossip girl som heter Double identity :)

Living out a real-life fairytale in Paris, Blair (Leighton Meester) is pursued by a handsome young man, Louis (guest star Hugo Becker), who she suspects is a member of Monaco's royal family. A very concerned Lily (Kelly Rutherford) asks Serena (Blake Lively) to help her find Chuck (Ed Westwick), who hasn't been heard from or seen in months. Meanwhile, Chuck Bass is as we've never seen him before, adjusting to a fresh start in Paris with a mysterious new woman, Eva (guest star Clémence Poésy), at his side. Juliet (guest star Katie Cassidy) offers to help Nate (Chace Crawford) win Serena (Blake Lively) back, suggesting that reigniting Dan (Penn Badgley) and Vanessa's (Jessica Szohr) romance may just be the trick to remove Dan from the Dan-Serena-Nate love triangle. Matthew Settle also stars. Mark Piznarski directed the episode written by executive producers Joshua Safran and Stephanie Savage.

Trailer för the roommate

Leightons nya film "The Roommate" som kommer ut i februari i USA trailer har kommit ut! :) Tycker den verkar spännande vad tycker ni? :)

Spotify lista uppdaterad :)

Spotify listan är uppdaterad med musik från avsnitt 4.01 nu det är inte alla låtar då inte alla finns med på Spotify.

Här är listan :)

Vilka har haft det ihop i Gossip Girl ? :P

Liten rolig förklaring genom villka har haft ihop det genom dom 3 första säsongerna plus vilka som har ett förhållande nu för att se bättre klicka på bilden :)

Leighton på Proenza Schouler Spring 2011 fashion show

Igår var Leighton på Proenza Schouler Spring 2011 fashion show i NY. Vad tycker ni om hennes outfit?  :)

Stills från 4x03 "The Undergraduates"

Bilder till avsnittet som går om två veckor i USA alltså 27 September :)

Update: La till dom andra stillsen oxå med dom andra skådespelanarna :)

En ny bild till 4x02

En ny bild på Blair har kommit ut till nästa avsnitt :) Hon är så vacker i den där klänningen!

Svenska Robyn i gossip girl?

Robyn kanske ska vara med i gossip girl! :) Jag gillar henne verkligen och har gjort det i ett antal år jag tycker det skulle vara jättekul att se henne i Gossip girl :)

Robyn will reportedly appear in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl.

The popstar announced the news by posting a photograph of herself on the set of the CW show online.

Writing on her Twitter page, she said: "I'm with Marcus on the set of Gossip Girl, girrrrrrrrrrrl."

It is currently unclear whether Robyn will be acting on the show or performing as herself.

Gossip Girl continues on Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

Bild från Robyns twitter:

Leighton vill designa kläder! :)

Leight vill designa kläder enligt den här intervjuvn skulle vara kul och se! :D

Leighton Meester is considering entering the world of fashion by designing her own clothing.

When asked whether launching her own line in the future is something she’d like to take on, the Gossip Girl actress replied: “The more I think about it the more it sounds like something I would want to do.

“I don’t know if it’d be any time soon but I’d really like to work on a collaboration with somebody – I always have ideas for stuff like that,” added the 24-year-old, who appears in forthcoming romantic comedy movie Monte Carlo alongside Selena Gomez, Katie Cassidy and Cory Monteith.

“The problem is I always have so much admiration for so many designers and for so many different styles,” she shared with Vogue, “it’d difficult to hone in on just one look but why not?”

Leighton – who is working on acoustic songs for her debut album (coming in 2011), also named some of her style icons: Cate Blanchett, Audrey Hepburn and Helen Mirren.

Preview för 4.02!

En preview för nästa avsnitt OBS stora spoiler då det är många klipp från nästa avsnitt! NI har blivit varnarde :P

Massa frågor och svar från Stephanie!!

Frågor som en hemsida fick ställa till Stephanie kan innehåll spoiler så att ni vet!

Frågorna är om nästan alla karaktärer och dom har inte lagt dom i ordning för karaktären utan dom är utspridna. Hoppas ni fattar vad jag menar ^^

Chuck got shot in an alley in Prague. Are you trying to kill us? How does he come back?
All questions about Chuck’s health will be answered in the first episode.  It’s pretty much out there that he survives. But the impact of the shooting will be long-lasting.

How does getting shot change him? Is he a nicer Chuck?
He’s a Chuck with a cane. And for the moment he’s given up his bowties and his scarves.

For what?
Tune in and see. If you’ve watched any of the materials that are online that gives you a good sense of the vibe Chuck’s rocking.

Where exactly was he shot that he now needs a cane?
What part of his body? In his left hip.

Does the ring resurface?
The ring does importantly resurface in the story. In the second episode.

How many karats was that?
I’m not sure. But it was worth over a million dollars and when I asked the Harry Winston guard if I could put it on my finger. He said no.

Oh smack. You used a real ring! What, was top drawer glass not good enough for GG?
Yes we did. And, no. The ring came with an armed guard. We just got to open it for the close up of the ring in the box. The insurance policy that we had written up didn’t cover it being taken out of the box.


Now that he’s back from the brink of death, will Chuck go to school?
Well, a bit later in the season Chuck actually does show some concern about his own education. It plays out in the story for us.

What sparks that — the shooting or Blair?
It’s a combo platter. Both factors.

Will he keep the Empire?

What do you think of the Gossip Girl packages at the real Empire Hotel?

I’ve seen what they’re offering. I know they have some drinks in the bar that are named after some characters but I’ve never actually treated myself to a Gossip Girl week end at the empire hotel.


Chuck will run into Blair in Paris. How many episodes did you film in Paris?
Parts of Episode 1 and parts of Episode 2.

Why did he go to the City of Light?
That is part of the mystery that will be uncovered in the first episode.

How does Blair adjust to life at Columbia?

We’re really excited about doing Columbia this year. We’ve shot some of those episodes. I think it looks really good and it feels really good. It feels a lot more like the core of Gossip Girl.  I think when we went to NYU we left our world a little bit. Our dorm set was not our finest hour. It looked like a real college dorm but it didn’t necessarily feel like the school. And having Blair as a fish out of water for so long I think was a little bit difficult for the audience. So I definitely think this Columbia storyline will really feel like a homecoming, kind of a return to uptown environment. It’s something that feels very clubby and preppy and more like the core of the show.

Will she live on campus?
She’ll live at home.

What’s her major?
She’s discovering that.

This is still a recession even for the wealthy. How will these characters be affected by the economy?
The story of being effected by the economy — our recession story — landed on the Humphreys, our middle class family when they were dealing with Dan going to college. But honestly most of the families on our show have such a depth of family wealth that the recession is not actually affecting them. We heard Gossip Girl tell us that Bart Bass has more buck than Bloomberg. And Bloomberg has 20 billion dollars. So that’s a lot of bucks.

Speaking of bucks, now that Dorota’s had the baby will she keep working for the Waldorf family?
Dorota is definitely going to keep working for the family. But in the future juggling her own family and the expectations of the Waldorfs will create some conflict.

Will she be bringing the baby to work?
Yes, at some point she will.

How will Dorota’s having a baby change the way they treat her?
I think for Eleanor it’s really about how maybe she wasn’t the world’s greatest mother when she had a newborn. Maybe she was preoccupied by other things so this is really an opportunity for her to revisit that. And maybe be a little bit more involved in this baby’s life — whether Dorota wants her to or not.

What’s in store for Serena: Will she go back to school?
Serena spends the whole summer trying to avoid thinking about home and to avoid thinking about her future. And then in the first couple of episodes she’s really forced to make some choices about her future and about her education and about her personal relationships. Meaning Nate vs. Dan.

Speaking of Nate, how far through Chuck’s little black book will he get?
He gets pretty far. He got to the Vs at least, we know for sure.

Did he catch anything along the way?
[laughs] Stay tuned.

We know Serena’s thinking romantically “Nate or Dan?” But will Nate and Dan be thinking of her in that way?
I think they’re all going to feel like they never really got resolution on that situation. Dan’s train of thought was interrupted by the arrival of Georgina in the finale. So he never got to process his emotions very much at all.

Speaking of Georgina, is the baby Dan’s?
I’m not going to tell you that!

Well, how will thinking he has a baby change Dan in Season 4?
The baby’s going to have a big impact on Dan, how he thinks about himself, and what he wants. It affects his relationship with Rufus. It obviously affects his relationship with Serena and Vanessa, who does return in the first episode.

How far along in the pregnancy is Georgina and how far into the season does she give birth?
I think there are already spoilers out there: You see the baby in the first episode. I don’t know if it’s out if it’s a boy or a girl. So we’ll hold on to that.

We know Georgina has a baby. But what else will she be doing?
Having a baby is a full-time job for Georgina.

You mentioned that Rufus is going to be thrown through a loop with the baby. Where will Georgina live?
Dan and Georgina are together in the loft in Brooklyn.

Does Vanessa come back from Haiti alone and look for Dan?
Yes she does. But she ends up looking for Dan with some prompting. Just prompting.

Does Serena get a job?
She will make a decision about her future in the first couple of episodes. And we’ll see that.

Ah, Columbia. Now that Nate’s going through a bit of a promiscuous phase, will he bother returning to campus?
Yes, he’ll definitely be in school in Columbia.

Will Serena’s dad still be in hot water? Did he really get away free and clear?
He’s not in prison. He escaped. We’re hoping very much to have Billy Baldwin back in the second half of the season. But that’s not until after Christmas.

Tell us about the Harry Potter girl, Clemence Poesy.
We’re thrilled to get her on the show. We meet her in the Paris episodes. Her character’s name is Eva. And we meet her through Chuck.

How through Chuck?
She's with Chuck and we discover how she met Chuck and we learn about their relationship. But she’s someone who’s kind of very unaware of the Gossip Girl Universe. And she’s a real kind of innocent in this world.

When will Jenny be coming back? She said there was nothing left for her in New York.
Yes. Uh, she’ll come back eventually. But not for a long time.

What about Eric. What’s in store for him in school this year?
Eric is going to struggle, being in high school alone without Jenny. And he’s going to have to kind of find his way by himself. Eric and Jenny are both seniors this year.

I read that you’re changing Gossip Girl’s site in the show. Does that mean we’ll come closer to finding out who this gossip monger is?
No. Part of the changes is that she has even better security that before. Her identity will be even more secured.

Why? Will someone finally pull a sting to try and find her?
Well, part of updating the Web site is that we want it to feel a little bit more contemporary. When we started this how it was a bit more forward thinking. And in the last three years it felt like we’ve actually fallen a little behind the times in terms of what these websites can actually do. So she’s updated it with some new features which will prove vexing for our gang because they’ll be able to be followed and tracked and observed more than ever.

So we’re talking live TMZ-style live feed.


What about guest stars? We read that Tim Gunn was in, then he was out. So which is it?

He’s in. He’s playing himself in our sixth episode.

Any other guest stars?
In our first episode we have a set up of Fashion’s Night Out. Which then you’ll actually see in our third episode. We’re doing a big partnership with Fashion’s Night out where the actual sort of people who are involved organizing the event and the models and the designers have showed up to play themselves in Episode 1 and Episode 3, which is very cool. Let’s see. Who else is coming on our show? We have a big musical guest but the deal is not totally done. And Katie Cassidy is joining us for a long arc as Juliet Sharp. We meet her through Nate as a love interest for him and then we discover that she is going to cause a lot of problems for all our characters, but especially for Serena and Blair.

How so? How does she fit into their world?
Blair runs into her at Columbia.
How does Blair adjust to life at Columbia?
We’re really excited about doing Columbia this year. We’ve shot some of those episodes. I think it looks really good and it feels really good. It feels a lot more like the core of Gossip Girl.  I think when we went to NYU we left our world a little bit. Our dorm set was not our finest hour. It looked like a real college dorm but it didn’t necessarily feel like the school. And having Blair as a fish out of water for so long I think was a little bit difficult for the audience. So I definitely think this Columbia storyline will really feel like a homecoming, kind of a return to uptown environment. It’s something that feels very clubby and preppy and more like the core of the show.

Will she live on campus?
She’ll live at home.

What’s her major?
She’s discovering that.

This is still a recession even for the wealthy. How will these characters be affected by the economy?
The story of being effected by the economy — our recession story — landed on the Humphreys, our middle class family when they were dealing with Dan going to college. But honestly most of the families on our show have such a depth of family wealth that the recession is not actually affecting them. We heard Gossip Girl tell us that Bart Bass has more buck than Bloomberg. And Bloomberg has 20 billion dollars. So that’s a lot of bucks.

Speaking of bucks, now that Dorota’s had the baby will she keep working for the Waldorf family?
Dorota is definitely going to keep working for the family. But in the future juggling her own family and the expectations of the Waldorfs will create some conflict.

Will she be bringing the baby to work?
Yes, at some point she will.

How will Dorota’s having a baby change the way they treat her?
I think for Eleanor it’s really about how maybe she wasn’t the world’s greatest mother when she had a newborn. Maybe she was preoccupied by other things so this is really an opportunity for her to revisit that. And maybe be a little bit more involved in this baby’s life — whether Dorota wants her to or not.

Kort artikel om Ed :)

En liten artikel om lite väl berusade Ed och the Strokes när dom spelade på Tommy Hilfigers efterfest. (som jag har skrivit tidigare var Ed på hans fashion show och den här texten är från efterfesten) :)

Spotted: As The Strokes Play, Ed Westwick Hits the Champagne With Fellow Gossip Girl Kids

"It's been my dream since I was a little boy to play at the opera," Julian Casablancas, lead signer of The Strokes, told the attendees of the Tommy Hilfiger after party held in the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera House. The Strokes had not played a show in New York since 2006, and in that time the generation who listened to the band when they were younger had grown into figures prominent enough (or sneaky enough) to get into one of Fashion Week's marquee events. The rest of the band walked on stage, and cameras and champagne flutes rose toward the ceiling.

Before the show started, The Observer saw Ed Westwick, the British actor who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, standing — naturally — directly next to the bar. He stood over his co-star and current squeeze Jessica Szohr, who was nestled in a bench smoking a cigarette, with Sebastian Stan, who plays Chuck's buddy/nemesis Carter Baizen on the show. When we approached Mr. Westwick, who was put together well except for a slightly disheveled coif, it became apparent that the open bar had been kind to him.


"Luff the vabe," he slurred to us, hands in pockets.

What was that, Ed?

"I love the vibe," he said again.

Ah, OK. Excited for The Strokes?

"Hell, yeah—woooo!" Mr. Westwick mustered. Then, a photographer asked for a picture of Mr. Westwick, who was coming mighty close to channeling his onscreen persona.

When The Strokes took the stage, we found ourselves right back up next to Westwick and his friends. New York's native sons blitzed through a quick set of classics, each one sounding as fresh as when they were written — despite the band's break, everything was as tight as ever. The absence had made the hearts in the crowd grow fonder, and it appeared as though the feeling was mutual: they made the conscious choice of opening with "New York City Cops," an old favorite from the band's time haunting bars in East Village and the Lower East Side.

And when "Hard to Explain" segued into "You Only Live Once," Ed Westwick turned to Sebastian Stan, and they went in for the real thing: a big, gregarious bro-hug. We feel the love, too, guys.

Är det bara jag så får värsta gullighets känslan av honom i just den här texten? ^^


Bra jobbat alla! :D

Nu är det bestämt vi kommer kunna se Gossip girl gratis på kanal5.se! :D

Så här skriver kanal 5:

Kanal 5 Play och L'Oreal kommer med värsta bästa presenten!

Söndagen den 10 oktober är världens största ungdomsserie tillbaka med en fjärde säsong på Kanal 5. Vi snackar såklart om Gossip Girl! Men hör upp – Gossip Girl är inte bara tillbaka i tv-rutan, utan också på kanal5play.se. Detta efter att Kanal 5:s fans på Facebook krävt serien till webben genom en massorganiserad like-kampanj. Med över 500 ”likes” är det nu bestämt att avsnitten kommer att kunna ses gratis på kanal5play.se i fjorton dagar efter att avsnittet visats på tv.

- Det är dyrt att köpa in amerikanska serier för webben, men tack vare ett samarbete med L'Oreal så kommer vi i höst kunna visa Gossip Girl på kanal5play.se vilket är otroligt roligt och helt i linje med vår ambition att göra fler och fler av våra tv-program tillgängliga på webben, berättar Daniel Cedercrona, chef för Nya medier på Kanal 5.

Gossip Girl har säsongspremiär på Kanal 5 den 10 oktober 19:00. Från 20:00 kan du se säsongspremiären på kanal5play.se.

Sneak peak för 4x02

Sneak peak till nästa avsnitt! :)

Kanadensiska promo för 4x02

Kandas promo för nästa avsnitt i USA! :)

Längre promo för 4x02!

Längre promo till nästa avsnitt! ÅÅÅ jag längtar :D

Senaste från fancast :)

Senaste frågan fancast svarade på om gossip girl! Spoiler och definitivt spoiler om ni inte sätt första avsnittet av säsong 4 :) Dock inte om Chuck eller Blair.

Any more ‘Gossip Girl’ scoop to share? – DL0472

On the off chance that you, as I did, interpreted a scene from the premiere to mean that Gossip Girl herself has been revealed, think again. When I asked EP Stephanie Savage about newcomer Juliet’s laptop being open to Gossip Girl’s site, and her wall covered with notes about the UES’ finest, she said, “Part of me would like to be, ‘Sure, go ahead and pontificate. But no, that is not her.’”

Leight på V magazine issue celebration

Igår var vår kära Leighton på V magazine issue celebration i en rikigt söt klänning tycker jag :)

Chuck i Paris!

Ed pratar om Chuck från när dom var i Paris det kan vara lite spoilers för er som inte sätt någonting innan avsnitt ett och för avsnitt 2 som inte har visats än :)

Första avsnittet :)

Dom har lagt upp första avsnittet på youtube men som ni kanske vet så kommer youtube ta bort inom sin tid så om ni vill kolla så får ni kolla snabbt! :)

4x02 Promo!!

Promo för nästa avsnitt i USA! :D

Första avsnittet av gossip girl!

Nu har jag sätt första avsnittet av gossip girl åå jag vill så gärna veta hur det fortsatter nu!!

Ni som har sätt det hur tycker ni det var? :)

Lite spoiler

Själv gillade jag verkligen falshbacken och hela den scen tills en speciell kyss hände -.- :P

Ed på fashion show:Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011 Collection

Snygg Ed var på Tommy Hilfigers spring Collection show. Riktigt snygg var han! :P

Kommentar :)

Lite kommentar jag fick :)

Kommentar:Hej ååå vad jag längtar tills avsnittet imorgon! gaaalet.
Men kn du ge lite tips på sidor där du brukar se gossip girl avsitten ? :) <3

Hej jag vet faktiskt bara en bra sida att kolla gossip girl på och det är channel131.
Länk till deras hemsida :)

Ny design :)

Ny design hope you like it. Ville ha något med bilderna från den nya säsongen :)

Fler bilder från 4.01 Belle de Jour!

Har kommit ut fler bilder från Belle de Jour. Kan ni tänka er att i kväll så visas det i USA och vi kan se det imorgon på internet! :D

Leight på FNO på Chloe :)

I fredags så var det fashion night out som jag har skrivit om i tidigare inlägg och leighton var då på rover vivier men hon han också med på ett besök hos Chloe :)

Leighton på Mercedes-Bens Fashion Week spring 2011

Leighton var idag på Mercedes-Bens Fashion Week spring 2011 och satt på första raden :) Älskar hur hon matchar korvade strumpor med sina skor! :)

Gossip girl gratis på kanal 5 hemisda?

Ja nu har kanal 5 kommit på idén att kanske göra så man kan kolla på gossip girl i höst gratis på deras hemsida :D skit bra idé tycker jag.

Haken:vi måste komma upp i 500st som gillar det på facebook!

Så kom igen nu och gilla inlägget här är länk till hemsidan och sprid vidare :)

Nokia och Ed!

Två bilder från en kampanj som nokia kommer dra igång med Ed och Pamela Anderson och man nu skulle bo i england så skulle man kunna få chansen att vara med! Antingen ligga i en säng med Pamela eller vara närgången och personlig i en hiss med Ed!! :D Tänk vad lycklig personen som får vara med om det kommer vara! :D

Snygga bilder! :O :P

Fashion night out!

Igår var det fashion night out i New York och Leighton och Ed var där fast på olika ställen :) Leighton var på Roger Vivier och Ed var på fashion night out on Saks fifth avenue. Även Jessica och Kelly var på firandet på Fashion night out fast på andra ställen :)

Blair i Paris!

Ett klipp om Blair i Paris! :) innehåller lite små spoiler från klipp av gossip girl när dom var i Paris

4.03 press relase

Handlingen för avsnitt 4.03 läs inte om ni inte vill veta något i förväg :)

“GOSSIP GIRL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“The Undergraduates” (TV-14, L sptv050769) (HDTV)

BACK TO THE UPPER EAST SIDE! — On her first day at Columbia, Blair (Leighton Meester) attempts to gain membership into an ultra-exclusive social club, Hamilton House .... but she’s in for a few big surprises. Serena (Blake Lively) begins to suspect that Juliet (guest star Katie Cassidy) is intentionally sabotaging Serena’s life and that it may have something to do with Nate (Chace Crawford). Rufus (Matthew Settle) is worried about Dan (Penn Badgley) and decides to take matters into his own hands. Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr and Kelly Rutherford also star. Norman Buckley directed the episode written by Amanda Lasher (#403).

Intervjuv med Eric Daman!

Intervjuv med Erick Daman om Chuck,Blair och Serenas outfits i Paris! :)

InStyle.com: How did the Paris setting influence your fashion choices for Blair, Serena and Chuck?
Daman: I wanted the girls to feel like they were beamed from planet Gossip Girl to Paris!  A heightened sense of style, couture and glamour. High fashion with more glitter and overstated silhouettes, plus hats, hats and more hats. In contrast, Chuck is having a traumatic life experience and trying to change his identity. Gone for now are the dandy days of Chuck Bass  and in turn, his threads are now more work to wear than made to wear.  I wanted to keep him stylized, and was very inspired by James Dean in East of Eden and Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront and Streetcar. But after his existential crisis, he will find solid ground and newfound happiness and his wardrobe will reflect that—think a constant barrage of boutonnieres!
InStyle.com: Clemence Poesy comes in as Blair’s nemesis/Chuck’s new love interest. How did you decide on her character’s style?
Daman: Sensual with European ease and confidence. Soft and chic, beautiful, but not too overtly fashionable: think Bardot in And God Created Woman. I wanted to retain a subtleness to her style—she is the only character ever in the show to always carry the same bag, wear the same shoes and repeat her favorite Catherine Deneuve-inspired trench. Tres French, tres nouvelle vague!
InStyle.com: Will Blair’s style evolve as she transfers from NYU to Columbia? We recently spotted her filming in minimal pieces from Victoria Beckham and Celine…
Daman: Blair in Paris was meant to be a fashion Blairgasm. Upon her return she definitely goes more sleek and ladylike: clean lines and structure, like a modern-day painting. Staying true to her style sensibility there will, of course, be girlie gown moments, but B is growing up and so are her clothing choices.

Spoiler för gossip girl från stephenine!

STOR spoiler för säsong 4 läs inte om ni inte vill veta!!  (text under bilden)

  • Well, Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) may be doing the nasty, but there’s a good chance they’re not getting back together — this season, at least. “Happiness does not generate a lot of story,” she said, adding, “Blair and Chuck will very much be in each other’s stories and are very much working out their issues with each other. As Serena (Blake Lively) says to Blair in the second episode, ‘You don’t have to forgive him.’ They’re a long way from reconciliation and peace.”
  • There are cameos galore! “We’ve been lucky with our cameos – we have two episodes that focus on Fashion’s Night Out, including a party at the Boom Boom Room hosted by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Tim Gunn also appears as himself. Blair has a big 20th birthday party too and there are some fun cameos there!”
  • Gossip Girl plans on jet-setting! “We had so much fun doing the Paris episodes, but now that we’ve done it we’re pretty fearless and ready to do it again. We want to take the show on the road, to Tokyo or somewhere in Italy or Buenos Aires. World travel is pretty organic to these guys!  We’d love to do a spring break episode where they go skiing in Aspen or Whistler.”

Leighton ute i west village

I torsdags var Leighton i west village ute med sin nya valp! :)

Chanelbutik öppningsparty

Leighton var i torsdags på Chanels öpnning för en ny butik i soho i newyork. Även Sebastian,Chace,Blake och Penn var där :)

Country strong trailer

Leightons film country strongs trailer har kommit ut! :)

Gossip girl i sverige 10 oktober!

Gossip girl säsong 4 kommer börja sändas 10 oktober på kanal 5.

Så det är en månad kvar tills allt börjar visas här i sverige :)

Senaste från Ausiello

Nu har Ausiello svarat på fler gossip girl frågor! :D Längtar ännu mer till premiär av nya säsongen nu!

Question: Give a Blair fan one reason to watch Gossip Girl this season! —Karen
The train station-set reunion scene between Chuck and Blair at the end of episode 2 is stunningly shot and impeccably acted by Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester. Need another reason? ‘Cause I got a ton!

Question: Gossip Girl scoop? —Lisa
By the end of the second episode, the question you (and everyone else) will be asking yourself is, “Who the hell did Serena piss off?”

(Scenen ausiello prata om i första frågan)

Dagens citat!

Dagens citat blir...

Blair: I never thought the worst thing you'd ever do would be to me.

4.08 avsnitt heter...

Avsnitt 8 av kommande säsong kommer heta "Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore"


Ny sneakpeak för 4.01

Har kommit ut en ny sneak peak till första avsnittet av gossip girl. :)
På måndag sänds första avsnittet i USA! :D

Ed har en förälskelse i Cheryl Cole

Ed pratar om att han har en förälskelse i Cheryl Cole och vad han han söker hos en tjej :)

Dagens citat!

Dagen citat blir lite annorlunda då jag väljer ett från vad Ed säger om Leighton :)

"You can't put a finger on what makes two characters connect. It's just chemistry. We have it. We feel it." ~ Ed

(Älskar den här bilden!)

Gossip girl : Paris with Josh and Stephenie

Ett klipp från inspelningarna av gossip girl i Paris. I det här är det en kort intervjuv med Josh och Stephaine kan dock innehålla spoilers! :)

guide genom gossip girl hookups!

Lite små rolig guide genom alla hookups genom dom tre säsongerna :P

Ed:jag är singel

Enligt den här sidan är Ed fortfarande singel då han tydligen har sagt det till britiska closer magazine.Texten är helt kopierade från den här sidan.

(Ed på väg till inspelningarna av Gossip girl i sommar)

GOSSIP GIRL actor ED WESTWICK has slammed reports he's reunited with JESSICA SZOHR, despite publicly kissing her at a U.S. Open tennis match earlier this month (Sep10).

The British star, who began dating his TV colleague in 2008, split from Szohr in April (10) but the pair has faced constant speculation they have rekindled their romance.

Reunion rumours were further fuelled when Westwick was photographed kissing and cuddling the actress in the crowd at a tennis match in New York last Wednesday (01Sep10).

But the 23 year old insists he is still a bachelor because he has no time to date.

He tells Britain's Closer magazine, "I'm single! My English accent drives American girls crazy but I haven't got time for romance. I've always been in love with Rachel Weisz, but sadly she's taken."

Ny photoshoot med ED!!

Såå snygg photoshoot som Ed har gjort för GQ! Är det bara jag som tycker han blir snyggare och snyggare med tiden som går? :D

Leighton på The romantics premiär

Leighton var på the romantics premiär och afterparty igår även Kelly var där som spelar lily på gossip girl :)

4.02 "Double Identity" handling

Hittade handlingen om avsnitt 4.02, Double Identity :)

GOSSIP GIRL GOES PARIS! - Living out a real-life fairytale in Paris, Blair (Leighton Meester) is pursued by a handsome young man, Louis (guest star Hugo Becker), who she suspects is a member of Monaco's royal family. A very concerned Lily (Kelly Rutherford) asks Serena (Blake Lively) to help her find Chuck (Ed Westwick), who hasn't been heard from or seen in months. Meanwhile, Chuck Bass is as we've never seen him before, adjusting to a fresh start in Paris with a mysterious new woman, Eva (guest star Clémence Poésy), at his side. Juliet (guest star Katie Cassidy) offers to help Nate (Chace Crawford) win Serena (Blake Lively) back, suggesting that reigniting Dan (Penn Badgley) and Vanessa's (Jessica Szohr) romance may just be the trick to remove Dan from the Dan-Serena-Nate love triangle. Matthew Settle also stars. Mark Piznarski directed the episode written by executive producers Joshua Safran and Stephanie Savage

Ed på GQ men of the year awards 2010

Igår var Ed på GQ men of the year awards 2010 i London han vann pris för breakthrough talent  award och det var lily allen som presenterade priset :)


Hot hot hot! :P

Leighton på fashion night out i new york

Igår var Leighton på Fashion night out:The show i Lincon center i New york. Verkade som hennes besök i england var väldigt kort :) Även Blake var där.

Älskar klänningen och färgen! :D

När hon satt på första raden:

Gossip girl fashion i Paris

Ett klipp från Paris när dom pratar om modet i just paris som Chuck,Blair och Serena bär :)

Första sneak peaken till avsnitt 4.01

Första sneak peken till avsnittet Belle de Jour har kommit ut! :)

Leighton i england!

Just nu är både Ed och Leighton i england. Leighton har idag gjort intervjuver för bland annat Cosmopolitan UK och Instyle. :) Lika vacker på bilder som vanligt är hon :)

(från intervjuvn med Cosmopolitan UK)

Off to interview Cosmo cover girl Leighton Meester… can’t wait to see what she’s like!
As expected Leighton was luscious. Very naturally beautiful & sexily dressed in a leather skirt. She said she loved my top. Thanks New Look!
With the ridiculously pretty Leighton Meester earlier today… My video interview will be up soon!


Very excited to be interviewing a Girl who likes to Gossip on Monday…crack the code crack the code!
Interviewing the oh-so-cool Leighton Meester tomorrow – woop woop!

One hour and ten minutes until Leighton Meester and I become BFFs. Her life is going to change forever very soon…

Leighton Meester is one of the nicest celebs ever – FACT! She made fun of how I said innovative – we’re like ‘that’ *crosses fingers*

Interview w/Leighton Meester.One v busy GossipGirl..new films incl: Roomate; Monte Carlo;Country Song w/Gwynnie & The Oranges w/Hugh Laurie…that’s a lot of time on a lot of big screens… sort of the Gemma Arterton of 2011..


Monte Carlo på bio i sverige!

Filmen som Leighton spelade in i sommras kommer gå på bio i sverige enligt den här hemsidan! :)
Datumet är 1 Juli 2011 och den släpps den 11 Februari 2011 i USA.

Såhär skriver hemsidan om filmen:

Under sin drömsemester i Paris misstas vännerna Grace (Selena Gomez) och Emma (Katie Cassidy) av en slump för brittiska arvtagerskor. Innan de får en chans att förklara vilka det är hamnar de i en karusell av paparazzis, privatplan, designerklänningar, romanser och en resa till Monte Carlo som de sent ska glömma.


Senast från Fancast

Fancast svarade på en fråga om gossip girl inför säsong 4!

(Hemma tidigare än jag trodde så jag han blogga idag! =D)

Any chance to see Dan and Blair together on ‘Gossip Girl’? – Wahiba
Dan and Blair? She’s about the only female he doesn’t have a scene with in the first two episodes of the new season, which debuts Sept. 13. I mean, the guy’s already juggling a seemingly waylaid romance with Serena, a possible reunion with Vanessa and whatever the fresh hell Georgina has planned for him. Dude’s dance card is full.


Quote of today!

Dagens citat!

Blair: What is Nate doing? It's getting late and i'm losing heat.
Chuck: Well, you look ravishing. If I was your man I wouldn't need clues to find you.
Blair: Or ravish me, I'm sure.

Leighton på franska cosmopolitans framsida!

Leighton pryder franska cosmopolitans framsida på oktobernummret! :)

Spoiler för dom två första avsnitten!!

LÄS inte om ni inte vill veta saker som kommer hända dom två första avsnitten av gossip girl säsong 4!!!
Texten är mitt i mellan dom två bilderna :)

  • There are new characters named Milo, Louis and Henry.
  • Leighton Meester speaks excellent French! Blake Lively? Not so much. Fortunately, there are enough OMG Serena fashion moments to make up for it.
  • Something about seeing Gossip Girl filmed on location in Paris legitimizes it on a whole new level. It's kind of like the Hamptons episodes, but tenfold.
  • The Parisian scenery is fantastic and the locations spot-on. It's eye candy for fans of French culture, fashion and retail. Blair is in her element ... although in the premiere, "Belles Du Jour," we learn that Serena had the more exciting summer.
  • Blair and Serena go on a double-date with a member of Monaco's royal family and his chauffeur. Blair is surprised to learn which is which.
  • An important decision Serena made about her future - but failed to mention to Blair - is what ends up getting her shoved into a fountain.
  • In NYC, Dan is in full Mr. Mom mode, LIVING WITH GEORGINA! But is the baby really his? A suspicious paternity test suggests one thing, while a blood test and Rufus' intuition say another. Georgina is as funny and shady as usual.
  • Penn Badgley is great as sleep-deprived, delirious Dan in both episodes.
  • Someone sleeps with Vanessa in the second episode, "Double Identity."
  • We think that Gossip Girl fans, especially those who watched Melrose Place, are going to love Katie Cassidy as Juliet Sharp. She's sarcastic, flirty, plotting an elaborate scheme, of course, gorgeous. In other words, a perfect Gossip Girl fit.
  • Juliet, who Nate first meets while on a date with another girl, and later runs into again when she's working with Eleanor planning Fashion's Night Out, works to help him get Serena back. She clearly has ulterior motives, though ...
  • Eva (Clemence Poesy) rescued Chuck after he was shot in Prague and nursed him back to health. He's now taken on an entirely new persona. But is he suffering from amnesia or just trying to forget the man he was - and is ashamed of?
  • After a chance run-in in Paris, and with Lily and Serena frantically worrying about Chuck's fate, Blair tries to convince him not to run from who he is ...

Ingen bloggning måndag och tisdag!

Kommer inte vara någon uppdatering på i morgon,måndag eller på tisdag då jag ska på utflykt med min klass. Men jag är tillbaka som vanligt på onsdag :)

Kommentarer! :)

När böörjar gossip girl??? :O sjukt bra blogg. I love chuck and blair :)

Säsong börjar 13 september i USA och man kan då kolla på det på internet den 14 september men här i sverige börjar säsong 4 i oktober dock har dom inte kommit ut med något datum än på kanal 5 hemsida :)

: Söt blogg! (: Är jessica och Ed ff tilsammans? =D
Vet faktiskt inte men troligen.Dom har lixom inte kommit ut i media att dom är tillsammans igen men det finns ju rätt så stora bilder som visa att dom är tillsammans. :)

Ed är i england!

Ed syndes idag på Londons flygplats Heathrow! Glad verkade han vara kanske är det för att han får komma hem ett tag? :)

Ed på TAG Heuer event , 2 september

2 september var Ed på TAG heuer event i new york. :)

Bilder på Leighton och Ed från inspelningarna igår

Leighton och Ed spelade in scener tillsammans igår till gossip girl :) Jag tycker det är jätte kul att se dom tillsammans på inspelningarna igen :)

Foton från inspelningarna av 3.03

Har kommit upp lite bilder på gossip girl Cwtv hemsida från inspelningarna av avsnitt 3.03 det som kommer utspelas vid fashion's night out. :)

Dagens citat!

Dagens citat blir...

Blair: You here to gloat?
Chuck: Over what?
Blair: Well you won. Pop the champagne.
Chuck: I didn't win.
Blair: Then why does it feel like I lost?

GG inspelningar 3 september

Inspelningarna av GG idag! :) Både Ed och Leighton var på inspelningarna med Chace och Blake

Update:Hittade fler bilder på Leighton :)

Dagens citat!

Dagens citat! :)

Blair: Don't worry, I can be bitch enough for both of us.
Chuck: I still have the scars on my back to prove it.

Ed och Jessica ute och går

Fler bilder på Ed och Jessica tillsammans. Här är när dom var ute och gick igår :)

Vad tycker ni om att dom är tillsammans igen?
Tycker ni att dom passar tillsammans elr bör dom göra slut och inte hålla på att gå fram och tillbaka om dom ska vara tillsammans elr inte??

Leighton på inspelningarna idag!

Leighton är på inspelningar av gossip girl idag (2 septemeber)! Gud vad jag också skulle vilja kunna gå runt i shorts och linne nu utan att frysa! :P


Behind the scens of Gossip girl

ET har lagt upp ett klipp från behind the scens of Gossip girl när dom spelade in i Paris. Det finns spoiler i klippet så kolla inte om ni inte vill se något innan säsongs premiären :)

Text från ET hemsida:

We're heading to Paris for a behind-the-scenes peek at the new season of "Gossip Girl"!

So, what does Blake Lively like about shooting in Paris? "Lots of men and lots of food and lots of beautiful outfits," she dishes.

"And Christian Louboutins and Christian Dior," Leighton Meester adds.

The fanfare's another perk, Blake says: "I feel like a Spice Girl the way they're pulling me and taking pictures of the van, it's pretty crazy."

The show's fourth-season premieres Monday, Sept. 13 on the CW.


Säg till om ni inte kan se videoklippet :)

Leighton Meester shoppar på Marc Jacobs

Igår var Leighton på Marc Jacobs och shoppa även då verkade hon inte vilja bli fotoad.

Ed och Jessica på Us.open

En bild på Ed och Jessica när dom var tillsammans på U.S. Open dag 3. Jag vet fortfarande inte om Ed är singel eller om han är tillsammans med Jessica men det här foto gör ju att man kan börja spekulera :)

Så vad tror ni?

Update: Vad tycker ni om dem här bilderna? Dom verkar ha hittat tillbaka till varandra igen :)

Ed och Leighton intervjuv

En del av en intervjuv med Ed och Leighton från en fransk tidning. Den är från inspelningarna av gossip girl när dom spelade in i Paris :)

(Ed och Leighton på inspelningarna av GG 31 Augusti)

What can you tell us about Clemence poesy?

Ed: She is fantastic. When I met her, I’ve realize that she played in my favorite movie “Bon Baisers de bruges” with Colin farrel. So I was very impress. She’s a wonderfoul actress.


Why do you think Chuck is gonna fall in love with her?

Ed: Chuck is gonna be quite smitten with her but his heart is not available right now. He treat her right, he is sincere but I think he love what she represente, a way to escape his past. She don’t know the old chuck so he can’t be himself with her.He is attracted by the quite life without problems of this french student. He see with her a chance to have a new life.


Would you like to sing in Gossip Girl?

Ed: I would like to see Chuck sing a song just for Blair. Something a la Frank Sintra, I think it would be quite fitting…


What is the first question people ask you?

Leighton: When Chuck & Blair are gonna be together again. The fans care about that a lot, and I’ve to say me too! I love their relationship and working with Ed is very thrilling. The scenes with him are usually my favorites because we have a great alchemy. Our harmony makes our relationship credible, we trust each other and aren’t afraid of going too far in the intimate scenes.


So Chuck & Blair are going to be a couple are not?

Leighton: Well the writers are giving us a hard time. In Paris, Blair discover that Chuck has a new girlfriend played by Clemence Poesy. Blair is definitely not ready to forgive him. So, when she comes back to N.Y, she wants to forget Chuck Bass. But lets hope that it’s not forever because these two are made for each other.


Why don’t you like when Blair is being a bitch?

Leighton: I’m have a hard time to understand er when she’s mean. In the first season, I’ve made a big effort not to hate her. But since her relationship with Chuck we’ve seen the human in her that’s why I think they need each other. Blair is much more pleasant when she’s happy in love.

Ausiello spoiler!

Spoiler från Ausiello!!

Question: Please give me some scoop about Jenny’s return to Gossip Girl! —Giovanni
Ausiello: I was right. Jenny reappearance is directly connected to Tim Gunn’s upcoming cameo. Turns out Blair permits her nemesis to return to the scene of her last crime (i.e. Manhattan) just long enough for her to interview for a job with Gunn at Parsons. Without giving too much away, Raccoon Eyes inadvertently gets caught up in Chuck and Blair’s latest drama, and the whole mess comes to a head at (natch) a big fancy party.


Leighton på Jessicas nylon cover shoot party

Igår syndes Leighton på Nylons party för medspelaren Jessica (Vanessa) covershoot för tidningen :) Dock verkade Leighton inte viljat vara med på bild

Inspelnings video

En kort video från inspelningar av GG i går från popsugar :)

Dagens citat!

Dagens citat!

Blair: Look down deep, into the soul I know you have, and tell me if what you feel for me is real, or if it's just a game.
Chuck: Its just a game. I hate to lose. You're free to go.
Thank you.
Serena: Chuck why did you just do that?
Because I love her. And I can't make her happy.

Fler Leighton/Blair och Ed/Chuck bilder från igår! :)

Fler bilder på Leighton och Ed när dom spelade in igår! :D

gillar verkligen Chucks klädsel! Flugan speciellt! :)

Update!: Jag har konstaterat att det finns hur många bilder som helst från den här film dagen så jag länkar till en sida så får ni kolla igenom istället :) LÄNK

Bilder från GG inspelningarna igår!

Bilder på Leighton och Ed när dom spelade in igår! :) Har redan lagt in några för två inlägg sedan men lägger upp dom igen oxå :)

Tvguide svara på fråga :)

Tvguide svarade på en fråga på deras hemsida om gossip girl. Kan innehålla spoilers!

It seems like Chuck has amnesia in the promos for the Gossip Girl episodes in Paris. Please tell me that isn't true. — Jill
MICKEY: It's more accurate to say that Chuck wants to forget certain things. Mostly though, Gossip Girl's petit voyage is inspired by the immortal Spin Doctors, in that there are two princes, both of whom are royally screwed when it comes to their feelings about Blair.


GG set bilder för avsnitt 4.06

Bilder på Ed och Leighton på inspelningarna av avsnitt 4.06 från flera dagar. :)


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