With the one you love by your side, you’re never going to feel lost.


Little Chair things - Limo

"Just so you know, while there are few things I consider sacred, the back of the limo is one of them." - Chuck to Blair 2x09

cb parallels

5x12 - 4x22 


cb parallels

2x08 - 6x10

cb parallels

2x01 / 5x06

it wouldn't be my world without you in it

 Min favorit Chuck & Blair scen från 4x02 ♥ 

Chuck & Blair - Text me



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Happiness is Chuck and Blair

Eleanor: And with Chuck?
Blair: I'm vulnerableHe's devastated mebut... he's also made me happier than I've ever been!
5x24 - The return of the Ring

If i was your man

“Well you look ravishing, if I was your man I wouldn’t need clues to find you.” “Or to ravish me, I’m sure.” - Chuck to Blair, 1x06

Vi har gjort det igen Chairleaders

Återigen vann våra favoriter Chuck & Blair portraitmagazine.net TOP TV SHIPS poll :D Alla Chair fans som röstat har fått ihop 416033 röster! 
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Citat från Ed och Leighton om Chuck & Blair


I think they belong together. I don’t know how we’re going to get them together but I think they’ve got to come together at some point and have little Chuck babies. Little Chuck babies in bow ties”.
- Ed Westwick

I’m also a huge fan of Chuck and Blair as a couple, and I’d really like to see them end up together. I want them to get married. Ed and I say it all the time”.
- Leighton Meester


a kiss on my cheek


Chuck and Blair quotes

Några favorit quotes från Chair 

Three words

 It's a Chair thing 

I know what I want


I followed my heart because I love you. I can’t deny that our path has been complicated, but in the end love makes everything simple.” - Blair 3x22

Wedding song

Road to Nowhere - Release the Sunbird
Det här är sången som spelas under Chuck och Blairs bröllop 

Chuck + Blair -Dark Paradise

En kort jättebra och väldigt fin Chair video!

Lover of the light -Chair video

Helt klart en av mina nya favvo Chairvidds!

A Family



Why was it important for you to show that Chuck and Blair had become parents?
It seemed like the ultimate coming together of their union and their future. And wanting to see that Chuck and Blair could both be good parents… See the joy that that little boy brings to his grandparents. And you got to see a little mini-Chuck in a bowtie.
~Stephanie Savage


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