Gossip girl uppdaterar! Med Mejl!

Gossip girl uppdaterar något ganska intressant i går kolla själva!

This showed up in my inbox recently.  Party crashers will not be admitted.  I hear the Waldorf’s doorman, Gregor, is pretty fierce.

Om ni inte ser var som står så ska jag berätta :P

FROM: Serena van der Woodsen

Hey All!

As most of you know Nate's birthday is around the corner. I am planning a suprise party for him and the theme is assassin (this is his favorite game ever!). So come wearing your best spy esemble. And remember, please don't mention this to Nate. In fact, it be great if you pretend you forgot his birthday. i know it sounds kind of mean but it's make the suprise even better.

When: Nate's birthday, 6pm
Where: Waldorf penthouse

See you soon!

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