Ed & Leighton - Friendship


We’ve got a very great relationship, but we’re much more kinda brother-sister, you know, we’re very close friends. She’s a wonderful girl, remarkable person. We hang out when we can, when we’re both not working, or not busy, but yeah, as I said, she’s a wonderful person. I hope she says the same about me if you ever get the chance to ask her. - Ed about Leighton


Ed is just incredible. He’s hot that kind of bad-boy edge to him but he too has a real soft side. I find him to be the most down-to-earth, cool and sweet guy. He gets into these funny moods where he’s really silly. Ed is also in a band and he’s great on stage. They played the other night and I was yelling! He’s really artistic and an amazing singer and dancer. He loves good rock, alternative music. He’s introduced me to a lot of stuff that I really love now, like the Libertines and Bbyshambles. Girls just follow him. I have a feeling Ed would do OK even if he was not on a TV show.” - Leighton about Ed




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